Thursday, 30 November 2017

YouTube unveils stories-like feature for creators called “Reels”

YouTube has unveiled a new feature for creators called “Reels”. This is YouTube’s official spin on the popular stories format first popularized by Snapchat before it took off on Instagram. The feature is an expansion to YouTube’s efforts to join creators with their fans on a more intimate level with YouTube Community, a place where creators can post updates and snippets between video releases.

Unlike Instagram and Snapchat stories, YouTube’s Reels will not necessarily expire after 24 hours. They can be kept forever, and they can be organized into different events or projects. For instance, a creator can post video Reels to a folder from an all-day event.

Subscribers can view these stories and find past stories. This way, creators can compile multiple clips into a single collection. A nifty feature is the ability to link to videos within Reels. Currently, the feature is rolling out to creators with more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers.

This is certainly a new approach to stories that expire after 24 hours. YouTube figured that many creators’ followers use Snapchat and Instagram to keep up with what they are up to and Reels is definitely a great way to host more content from creators.

Source: gsmarena

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