Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Updated Google Contacts app makes it easier to get rid of duplicates

Google is pushing out an updated version of its contacts management app, bringing some of the features available in the web version to the Android app.

The v 1.5 update reorganizes the user interface of Google Contacts. Instead of the two tabs – all and favorites – the app now just displays your entire contact list, with a sidebar menu available via the hamburger button on the left. Opening that up reveals a new section for managing duplicate contacts. That’s a feature that was present on the web app of Contacts, but the process was more convoluted on the Android app.

You can now also add labels to your contacts, making it easy to organize large contact lists based on groups, for things like family, work, or school. That’s another feature that was present on the web app and it’s now finally making the jump to the Android app, a place where it’s actually more likely to be used.

Google Contacts 1.5 is currently rolling out to all users, so it should land on your device pretty soon.

Source: androidauth

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