Monday, 19 June 2017

TAKE CHARGE: Infinix set to unleash the beast(s)

When you say superman, it’s not just about strength but also speed. Infinix have admitted that the Zero 4 series was a big flop as prices continues to decline due to lack of sales and sacrifices that offer customer close to none of the features they are looking for in a smartphone. The predecessors (Note 2 LTE and Note 3 series) offered customers dual sim support with Micro SD card support, but the Zero 4 Plus offered none of that. Its either you use dual sim without Micro SD or single sim with Micro SD and that my friend is no longer a suitable option.
Infinix Instagram Page

The pictures you see was captured at Infinix Mobility India page and we are yet to have a spec glimpse at what the device will offer. All I know is that we are expecting a sturdy build with bigger battery and not to drive it out, a faster charge capacity. The device we will be expecting will be the Zero 5, Note 4 and Note 4 Pro. YES!!! You heard me right, our greatest anticipation will soon be over and we will be wielding the greatest beast Infinix has ever let loose in the history of Infinix devices ever manufacture. 
Infinix Zero 5 Highlighted Under Zero Series

Well guys keep watching this space for more information as device may be unveiled in the coming week.

Infinix Note 4 and 4 Pro highlighted Under Note Series

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