Thursday, 22 June 2017

Samsung shares tips and tricks for the Galaxy S8 duo

Samsung keeps going strong with the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ promo campaign. The latest effort by the company aims to show you some nice tricks that will help you make better use of the two phones.

The navigation bar of the Galaxy S8 is implemented on the screen after generations of physical buttons and sensors in the home key. You can simply unlock the device with a hard press of the Home button. This works only when the AOD is turned on. A double press of the square will pull up the lock screen. The bar can also be customized to react to a given level of pressure, so you don't accidentally quit apps.

Some apps completely hide the navigation bar, but you can get to the Home screen if you press the place where the button usually is. And if they don't hide it automatically but you want it gone, you can simply click the left corner of the bar.

The Infinity Display brings a neat feature along. You can customize the side of the screen to light up when a specific notification appears. That way you’ll know when someone is texting you even with the display down.

The browser now saves articles for reading later. This feature is available in the sharing options, where you can tap on the Reminder icon. When the web page is saved, a notification can be set up to remind you about the article. Otherwise, it might end up in a list you’ll probably forget.

You can find the rest of the Samsung tips in the Source link below.

Source: gsmarena

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