Thursday, 29 June 2017

LG G6+ and 32GB G6 to launch in Korea tomorrow

LG will bring the G6+ to its home of South Korea starting tomorrow - June 30. A 32GB variant of the LG G6 will also launch tomorrow, up until now there was only a 64GB model for the Korean market.

Compared to the G6 proper, the G6+ has more storage - 128GB - different color options, B&O headphones in the box and wireless charging support. Naturally these also bring a different price tag.

Korean buyers can get the LG G6+ for 957,000 KRW (~$838/€735/£646) and the 32GB G6 for 819,500 KRW (~$718/€629/£553).

Color-wise the LG G6+ will be available in Optical Astro Black, Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold - all of which have a lenticular film applied which makes the panel change hue as light changes.

LG will also premiere three new software features, which it promises will make it to its entire G6 line through a software update. The first is Face Print, which unlocks your phone through facial recognition (kind of like the Galaxy S8 does). Low Power Consumption is said to increase the battery endurance even more and finally Covered Lens warning prevents you from shooting your fingertips.

Source: gsmarena

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