Friday, 5 May 2017

Samsung offering free Entertainment Kit with Galaxy S8/S8+ purchase

Samsung has launched a new promotion where-in the company will be offering a free Entertainment Kit to those who purchase the flagship Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphone. The kit includes a Clear View Standing Cover, a 64GB EVO+ memory card, and 6 months of Netflix.

The offer - dubbed Samsung Infinitely Entertaining Offer - has just been launched, and runs through May 16. An "Offer Claim Form" must be submitted between May 5 and June 30 (or while supplies last - a total of 200,000 kits are up for grabs). Registrations need to be done through the Shop Samsung app.

For more details on the offer, head to the TnC link below.

Source: gsmarena

Source | TnC | Via

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