Friday, 5 May 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has visited Netflix

The Galaxy S7 active couldn’t tread water, but AT&T wants Samsung to have another go. Earlier, its code name was leaked - Cruiser - and now the first footprints of this mysterious beast have been found in an unexpected place.

Netflix confirms that the SM-G892A - aka Galaxy S8 active - supports HD streaming. Good to know, but kind of a spoiler, Netflix. The regular Galaxy S8 is already waterproof to an IP68 level (over 1.5m depth and 30 minutes), but so was the S7.

What the S7 active added was MIL-STD-810G, so we expect to see the Galaxy S8 active uphold the same military standard. We do wonder if it will have hardware keys on the front - the S8 dropped them, but “active” phones need them because touchscreens and water don’t mix.

Anyway, the user agent doesn’t reveal much more than the existence of the phone. It does list the Android version - 7.0 - but that’s what the regular S8 has at the moment, so no surprises there.

Source: gsmarena

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