Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The anniversary iPhone will arrive later than expected

We got new info on the upcoming iPhone 8 but the news isn't good. Bloomberg reported that the 10th anniversary iPhone will hit the shelves one to two months later than expected.

Apple will eventually announce three phones in September - two upgrades of previous devices and one entirely new device, reportedly with curved OLED screen and a ‘Function Area’ instead of a home button. The company wants to incorporate the fingerprint sensor under the OLED, but the implementation is taking longer than expected, which in turn pushes back production schedule.

Other rumors include a new front camera with 3D face mapping - Bloomberg suggests there will be a dual-camera setup while Apple analysts say the feature will work thanks to an infrared sensor. The tech could be used both for security purposes and deeper AR filters and masks.

Implementing a fingerprint scanner under the OLED was also an idea Samsung was working on while developing its current flagship the Galaxy S8. Since it couldn’t do it on time and the unveiling was already postponed due to a hardware redesign after the Galaxy Note7 demise, the Galaxy S8 now has the fingerprint scanner on the back, next to the camera.

Source: gsmarena

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