Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Samsung publishes Galaxy S8's "Design Story", using phrases such as "holistic oneness"

Alright, kids, it's time to learn something new today. How about the concept of "holistic oneness"? That's what the Galaxy S8 is a manifestation of, in case you didn't know. This revelation comes straight from Samsung's marketing department, which published the "Design Story" for its latest flagship duo today.

The Story takes us through the most important aspects of the phones' design, as you'd expect from the name, but for some reason needlessly peppers the whole thing with phrases such as "a grip made from curves" or "a design that merges the user and device as one". So yeah, it looks like the Galaxy S8 will be your next soulmate. But wait, there's more, as "Bixby understands and takes care of you". So long, friends and family then.

Did we mention that the title of the Design Story is "One as a whole"? Just don't try reading that aloud very fast. And then there are sentences such as this: "the Galaxy S8 uses the entire front panel as its display" - except that's as true as saying the S8 is "bezelless", unless you mean "panel" as a synonym for "display", in which case you're basically saying a device is a device. And did you know that the S8 has a "hidden rear camera lens"? Neither did we, but now we're dying to find it.

Anyway, snark aside, the Design Story does also focus on the fact that for the first time both of Samsung's flagships for the first half of a year have the exact same design, curved AMOLED screen included. So no more of that S6/S6 edge or S7/S7 edge differentiation - the S8 and S8+ are basically the same product offered in two distinct sizes.

There's also no denying that the Infinity Display looks wonderful and futuristic, regardless of what your concerns about usability may be with those curved edges. Oh, and the glass on the back looks great with its glossy finish - unless you ever touch it, of course. Smudges and fingerprints: the bane of our existence as smartphone lovers.

"Unified fluidity" - is that what comes to mind when you look at a Galaxy S8 or S8+? If so, then Samsung's done its job. So now would be a good time for you to pre-order one of those handsets. Before you do, however, you could go to the Source link below and read through the whole Design Story. It will make you even more satisfied with your choice, hopefully. If not, it will at least offer you gems such as this:

    “The Galaxy S8 pushes boundaries and overcomes limits to create a single, unified design that is more straightforward and concise than any other tool that has ever been held in our hands. All experiences come into unison through the Galaxy S8, helping users advance toward discovering a new meaning of their daily lives.”

Source: gsmarena

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