Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Android Pay teams up with PayPal in the US

Android Pay has steadily been adding support for more and more banks in the past few months, but soon there's going to be another partner for Google's payment system: PayPal.

Support for PayPal accounts is coming to Android Pay in the US "within the next few weeks". You'll be able to initiate the pairing of your PayPal account to your Android Pay account from either of the eponymous mobile apps for Android.

Then when you make a payment through Android Pay, your PayPal account's balance will be used. At some point in the coming months PayPal will add the ability to use the cards that you have stored on its service. When this functionality becomes live, you'll essentially be able to add your card to PayPal (if it's unsupported directly in Android Pay), and when you pay for something with the Android Pay app the money will go from that card to PayPal to Google to the store you're purchasing from - all in one seamless fell swoop.

This will work wherever Android Pay is accepted - in-store, in-app, and online.

Source: gsmarena

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