Monday, 27 March 2017

Report says Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-orders in Europe will go live on unveiling day

While Galaxy S8 pre-orders in its home country are set for April 7, Samsung will start accepting pre-orders in Europe immediately after the device's unveiling. This information comes courtesy of a new report which says Galaxy S8 pre-orders in the Netherlands will go live on March 29.

There's, however, no information on exactly when pre-orders will start shipping. The report also notes that the tech giant won't be offering any freebies to those who pre-order the phone - this, however, could be market specific. As for price, the S8 will carry €799 tag, while the S8+ will cost €899.

In case you missed, there have been reports that Galaxy S8 pre-orders will arrive much earlier than store units.

Source: gsmarena

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