Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Android co-founder's upcoming bezelless smartphone gets photographed

Back in January a report gave us some details about Andy Rubin's latest venture, which involves a company working on a high-end, bezelless smartphone. Andy Rubin, as you may know, is a co-founder of Android, and he was in charge of the OS at Google until 2013. Rubin left the search giant a year later, and recently created a new company called Essential Products.

This will be the maker of that top of the line handset that should be out around the middle of the year. And what you see below is the first photo showing it.

The image was shared by Andy Rubin himself, in an attempt to drum up some hype for the phone. As you can see, the 'bezelless' claim was pretty spot-on - while not truly lacking bezels, we see a screen with very small ones indeed. From this angle, the phone is in fact reminiscent of Xiaomi's Mi Mix, with the minimal top bezel. Obviously we don't yet know if the Essential device has a bigger bottom bezel like that model or not.

While the initial report didn't mention anything about this, those icons on the screen strongly imply that the Essential smartphone will run Android.

If its launch is to take place in the next few months, we expect to see (and hear) much more of it soon. It's going to have a modular system courtesy of a proprietary magnetic connector. The device's display could be pressure-sensitive like the newest iPhones', whereas in terms of materials we'll see a metal frame and a ceramic back.

Source: gsmarena

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