Thursday, 22 June 2017

iPhone 8 fingerprint sensor's location not decided yet, new rumor claims

Apple has long been rumored to go with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the OLED screen of the upcoming iPhone 8, but apparently the exact way in which it will achieve such a feat is not set in stone yet. A new report from Cowen and Company's Timothy Arcuri says Apple is yet to decide on which solution to use for the device's biometric authentication.

The company is reportedly facing three options: thinning the cover glass of the display over a sensor area, creating a pinhole through the glass for an optical or ultrasonic sensor, or going with a "film" sensor which is integrated into the panel using capacitive or infrared technology.

The fact that Apple hasn't decided on a final solution yet means that the iPhone 8 is likely to see a one- to two-month delay in shipping. So instead of launching in September alongside the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, it might only arrive in stores in October or November. The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, by the way, have been said to keep the screens and Touch ID sensors of their predecessors, but adopt wireless charging and thus glass backs.

The iPhone 8, on the other hand, will employ a 5.8-inch near-bezelless OLED panel, a vertically aligned dual rear camera setup, as well as special sensors for 3D facial recognition on the front.

The aforementioned analyst thinks Apple will manage to sell 90 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of the year, also known as the 'holiday shopping season' in the Western world.

Source: gsmarena

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