Wednesday, 19 April 2017

PlayStation 4 Slim will have a 1TB HDD starting this month, price remains the same

Sony's PlayStation 4 Slim console is getting an ever so slight refresh. Only one thing will change: the capacity of its built-in hard drive. Up until this point that's been 500GB, but later this month in the US Sony will begin selling PS4 Slim units with a 1TB HDD instead.

The good news is that the price will remain unchanged. You'll still pay $299.99 for a PS4 Slim, it will just arrive with more storage than before.

At this price the console will be $50 cheaper than Microsoft's Xbox One S with a 1TB HDD, which may help Sony sell even more units. That is, of course, unless its competitor chooses to do something about the situation.

Source: gsmarena

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