Monday, 20 March 2017

HTC U Ultra with Sapphire glass launches next week at a steep price

HTC promised to adorn the U Ultra with a Sapphire glass, specifically for the top end 128GB model. That model will launch in Taiwan first - next week on March 28. However, the price stings a bit.

The 64GB option with regular Gorilla Glass 5 cost NTD 23,900, the equivalent of $780/€730. The 128GB/Sapphire option goes up to NTD 28,900, $945/€880, that’s a solid 20% markup.

More importantly, it’s well over the $100/€100 premium we’re used to paying when going up in storage, even if it’s from 64GB to 128GB. Sure, Sapphire is expensive and hard to manufacture, but the HTC U Ultra is hardly affordable to begin with.

There’s no indication when the 128GB/Sapphire Ultra will visit other countries, its 64GB/GG5 twin is already on sale in the US and Europe. Note that no matter which version you choose you still get a Sapphire lens cover.

Source: gsmarena
Source (in Mandarin)

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