Monday, 27 March 2017

Galaxy S8 to bring new version of Samsung's signature ringtone

Samsung has joined forces with Grammy Award winner Jacob Collier for a new version of its recognizable tune Over the Horizon. In its 2017 version the ringtone sounds the richest you've ever heard.

What makes Samsung's tune unique is that it's always evolving each year. Over the Horizon's six notes are used within different musical genres making the ringtone sound familiar but with a different twist every time.

In his version Jacob Collier is full of different layers with a mix of contemporary jazz, pop and dance. In his rendition Collier uses 16 instruments including drums, a bass guitar and a piano, all of which he plays for the unique video below.

The video is shot using bleeding edge motion control camera tech that creates a one-man band effect.

Over the Horizon 2017 will make its debut on a certain new smartphone (or smartphones) soon - hint hint.

Source: gsmarena
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